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Lift your boat faster. . . lift it easier. . . lift it higher. And dock it shallower. The Harbor Master Elite lift series gives you a new slant on lift design. It's one that offers you a lot of advantages over the cantilever and vertical lift approaches. You can lift your boat easier because there's no pivot point to overcome. And lifting is even and easy from the lift bed's lowest point to its highest elevation.

You can also lift your boat one half foot higher than the typical cantilever design. Another nice plus: The Elite's lift bed can be lowered to the bottom for shallow water pickup. This usually means you have a lot less dock to buy and this can save you a lot of money in your waterfront investment. There are many other Elite features you'll like. These include easier boarding since there are no tubes to step over or duck under. And Elite's unique design avoids bed flotation, even with the bunks and step rails in place. There are Elite options you'll enjoy, too...such as Harbor Master's famed deep-frame canopy for superior foul weather protection. . . and optional centering step rails to make drive-on simpler and boarding safer. You can also add AC or DC power units for even greater lifting ease.

Elite's assembly is quick and simple because it has fewer parts and its aluminum construction means lighter weight. Elite's design also adds the convenience of locating the winch on either side of the lift so you can place the lift on either side of the dock. Harbor Master Elite lifts are virtually maintenance-free and trouble-free. All moving parts are out of the water when the boat is raised. The pulleys have sealed bearings for longer service. Just 25 feet of stainless steel cable, too, none of it hidden in case you ever want to replace it. And since your boat is supported by the lift frame, cable wear is minimized. The Elite. For the boater who expects more. . . much more

1.             Comes standard with full length BUNKS. 
2.             Centering STEP RAILS available for easy drive on.
3.             Lifts HIGHER than a cantilever (44" opposed to 38") on standard Elite models.  High lift 60" available in 4000-pound capacity.
4.             Lifts in 4 " of water (bed drops to bottom of lake).
5.             Shallow water means less dock to purchase and could save you the customer thousands of dollars.
6.             Lifts EASIER than a cantilever (no pivot point to overcome).
7.             Lifts with the SAME EFFORT from bottom to top.
8.             Lifts FASTER, always raising at a constant angle.
9.             SEVEN FOOT side frames for better wheel to dock location.
10.           Lift beam up to 120".
11.           Winch can be INSTALLED ON EITHER SIDE.
12.           Can't be winched over center like a cantilever.
13.           Picks up LARGER capacities easier.
14.           EASY BOARDING (no tubes to step over or duck under).
15.           No MOVING PARTS under water (no hinges in sand), no PULLEYS under water.
16.           Only 25' of cable, STAINLESS STANDARD.
17.           No HIDDEN CABLES or PULLEYS all can be seen and checked.
18.           No pulleys in tubes to freeze up or rust.
19.           ALL ALUMINUM (no galvanized steel) for lighter weight.
20.           All pulleys have SEALED BEARINGS.
21.           No bed flotation with bunks and step rails.
22.           Harbor Master's high torque transmission.
23.           Less complicated and quicker to assemble.
24.           Available up to 5500-pound capacity.
25.           GREASE ABLE ROLLERS for longer life.
  • Deep frame canopy for superior protection
  • Centering step rail for easier drive-on and safer boarding
  • AC or DC power units
  • Motor stop

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