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Hinged & Rolling Docks 2009 Pricing:

    These rugged, durable, lightweight aluminum frames come in 20’, 25’, and 30’ Standard lengths, with choice of premium white cedar or aluminum decking.  Our concept is simple…  Provide our customers with longer, lighter, and more manageable dock sections, with no hidden charges, delivered directly to their door.

     Our hinged frame docks include the shore-end hinge plate, as well as the stainless cabling and rigging connections.  Rolling Docks come with a pair of 24” Rota-Molded wheel and hub assemblies and a shore end pipe crab bar. All units feature adjustable aluminum legs, x-braces, bottom pads, and stainless steel fasteners.

     The prices below also include delivery with in 50 miles of our facilities in West Nottingham, NH.  Additional freight charges may apply out side those areas.



Rolling Docks                          Standard Decking            With Removable Decking

4’ x 20’ Rolling Dock-------------------$2,898.00-------------------------$3,108.00

4’ x 25’ Rolling Dock-------------------$3,623.00-------------------------$3,885.00

4’ x 30’ Rolling Dock-------------------$4,347.00-------------------------$4,663.00



Hinged Docks

4’ x 20’ Hinged Dock--------------------------------------------------------$3108.00

4’ x 25’ Hinged Dock--------------------------------------------------------$3885.00

4’ x 30’ Hinged Dock--------------------------------------------------------$4663.00



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Last modified: 10/17/09